Visiting Places


UGRA TARA MANDIR:-                                       
Ugra Tara Mandir is famous of Saharsa.It is established seventeen K.M. far from Saharsa in the west at Mahishi.It is said that Maharsi Vashistha pleased Goddess of Tara(Sati) with his total devotion.At least 500 years ago the queen of Darbhanga Maharaj built a temple.Crowk of devotees are seen any time in temple campus.What to speak about religious purpose in view of tourists it is the most significant,and eminent spot.
SURYA MANDIR OF KANDHA:-                                  
As we know that surya puja is in vogue from ancient time.But in India in comparision to different God and Goddess surya Mandir is established in Mahishi block at Kandha.Its idol of God surya is incoparable.It is argued that king Harsing had built it in fourteenth century.Besides idol there is beautiful architecture of stone.Some ancient idols which were taken from well are kept safely by archeological department.
Matasgandha was built by then district magistrate Sh.T.N.Lal Das of saharsa.It is near about district subdivision of north saharsa.It is 1.5 KM long and 500 feet wide.Before Matasgandha there was cementry. After that it is converted into shrine.The image of Matasgandha is beside the pool a beautiful temple is established made in tibbati style. Rakat Kali image is established in the campus.